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The Oscar of car restoration goes to the Hungarian team

RPM Styling's BMW 507 won prestigious trophy

10/04/2014 04:35 | Comments: 
The car of RPM, a Hungarian company known for their uncompromising and meticulous classic car restorations won Best of Show in Essen.

Lovers of classic cars associate Hungarian RPM Styling Kft with uncompromising quality. The company’s signature meticulousness has now won them an award: their BMW 507 won Best in Show in the FIVA Concours d’Elegance Super Category - Cabriolet at the Techno Classica exhibition in Essen.

This award is considered a huge honour in the business, equivalent to winning an Oscar or the Palme d’Or in the film industry. By winning this award RPM has officially shot straight to the top where they belong.

The owners and managers of RPM, István and Zsolt Banga founded the company in 2002. The brothers started restoring classic cars as a hobby but, as is often the case, the hobby spawned a business venture as their work started to attract customers. By now they are both employed full-time by RPM, but since the global recession took its toll on Hungary in 2008, almost exclusively receive orders from abroad as local demand has practically vanished in this segment.

The client waiting room at the premises of RPM in Budaörs reeks of understated elegance. The garages are clean as a whistle, the parts are arranged neatly on the shelves. The finished cars are more beautiful and in a better state than they were as new. Although many a car lover has strong reservations about the “over-restoration” of classic cars, the trend continues to strive as there is a demand for vintage gems restored to a better condition than how they once rolled out of the factory.

“We are not satisfied unless we meet the technical and aesthetic standards we have set for ourselves and which our clients have grown to expect from us. We’ll be restoring cars only as long as we can produce end-results to our taste. Forget budget, time limit and owners in a tantrum; the cars have to be the best they can. We’ll take any car apart three times if we must to make modifications or add a reproduced part. It took a lot of experimenting to figure out how to achieve the look we’re going for at a high standard, and this is true of every aspect from the painting to engine rebuild, from the leather upholstery to galvanizing.

It generally takes about a year to restore a car which then comes with a three-year warranty; we’ll fix the flaws and do the maintenance/service. One of the biggest classic car brokers in Europe, whom we also work for, references RPM as a model garage. It took 12 years of hard work for the company to become a participant of the most prestigious European car shows and for the collectors to spread the word. For the Techno Classica car show, for instance, we have received an invitation from the organizers, so we didn’t have to pay the €60,000 entrance fee.”

To view the full galery of the BMW 507 and other RPM projects, please click on any picture.

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