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  • The sow

    Volvo TP21 „Sugga” (1956)

    23. 06. 2013., 06:00 | Comments: 
    I won’t stretch your patience by asking what the car you see on the picture is. Just as you, I also noticed that it’s written in the subtitle of the article. But surely, more explanation is needed.
  • The last Panzerwagen

    Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC (1990)

    10. 06. 2013., 07:55 | Comments: 
    It wasn’t the biggest of all S-Classes but according to many it was the best. And at the pinnacle of the Mercedes line-up of the 80’s sat this big coupe with the huge V8 engine.
  • The road to hell

    Buying on an impulse: 1962 Mercedes-Benz 180c (W120-Series)

    27. 05. 2013., 05:53 | Comments: 
    It’s deep winter, the car is 50 years old, and it’s parked up in Sweden almost 3000 kilometres away from my house. I’ve just sent a letter to the owner that I’m embarking on the journey to buy it.
  • Who the hell are you?

    Matra M530 LX (1973)

    15. 05. 2013., 05:39 | Comments: 
    A car like this is a rarer sight than a clean-handed politician. Even in countries where it was sold at all; in others, it’s virtually non-existent. Tough old car fans with stubby fingers, dirty nails, wrinkly eyes and technical encyclopaedias in their heads stare when they spot one.
  • Oil spray and stubble dust

    Renault R16 (1966)

    30. 04. 2013., 05:37 | Comments: 
    Utterly practical, comfortable beyond words, even revolutionary, but not really famous for its longevity. Meet the wonder-car of Renault from the middle of the 60’s. This very piece received a very…umm…interesting conservation method too.
  • Tin Lizzie’s uptown cousin

    Ford Model A - 1928

    18. 04. 2013., 06:41 | Comments: 
    In 1927 one of Ford’s ads run like this: “Everything you want or need in A Modern Automobile”, which means that we got weak and soft by now. We’ve got to face it: not only were those Fords tough back in the day. So were our great-grandfathers.
  • I want to be a cab driver

    Checker Marathon (1979)

    11. 04. 2013., 07:01 | Comments: 
    Everybody knows this car, has seen it in a myriad of American movies and recognizes it as “the” New York cab. When you drive out into the traffic, everybody points at it, saying: “Hey look, a... a....” let me help you. It’s a Checker Marathon.
  • The car with the wrong badge

    Porsche 928 S4 (1987)

    28. 03. 2013., 00:37 | Comments: 
    Porsche once thought this snail-eyed UFO, this V8-engined mongrel of a sports car will step in the place of the beloved 911. They proved wrong. But with a BMW-badge, things could have been different.
  • Just what the doctor prescribed

    Mercedes-Benz 200 D (1967, W110)

    21. 03. 2013., 00:24 | Comments: 
    It was just one of those perfect days. All the cars around were in their late thirties...or older. But my goal that day was not to write a car review. I went there to enjoy a rare treat. To go back in time and be a West-German accountant out of the 60’s.
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A small miracle

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