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A BMW plundered in the parking lot

Unashamed thieves in the daylight

23/08/2013 07:20 |  Comments: 
No matter if there are guards, no matter that it’s daytime, it doesn’t even help if you park your car in a well-visited suburban area. There’s no way to stop these guys.

The apparent insolence of some criminals just never ceases to amaze us. Check out the case of this Bimmer that got gutted in the middle of an affluent waterfront condominium in Budapest. Undeterred by the security service patrolling the estate, these bold thieves removed the whole front part of this 3-series Touring and relieved the poor car of its headlights as well as its valuable airbags.

As a true testament to the efficiency of the local guard service we spotted an Alfa Romeo 156 just a few metres away, with its front license plate knocked to the ground and the rear one missing altogether. We have absolutely no information regarding either of these cases but our bet is the BMW was stolen somewhere else, driven to the condominium, stripped of its valuable body parts, and left to die a slow death.

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