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Redneck drifting for amateurs

12/10/2013 07:40 |  Comments: 
Is the season over? No more car races? You mean winter’s coming? Thankfully, we are indifferent to the cold.

Autumn is here, in fact, winter's just around the corner. The cherished cars will soon be tucked away neatly in the garage to hibernate until the first ray of sunshine appears next spring. The season is over. The race tracks won't consume any more brake pads this year, the chilly winds will soon sweep away the last traces of the sweet smell of burning rubber. Goodbye drifting, gymkhana, acceleration, see you next year! But wait... I just caught a whiff of that smell. And it's getting stronger. I can ever hear cars racing along beside me. I am hallucinating. Or am I? A chip of a rim just got in my eye. It must be reality then!

We just can't sit still. After the trackdays here's your next chance to burn some rubber in good company: Kakucs Ring, here we come! Please feel free to fool around as you please, lug at the handbrake, drift off the track, and push the limits of your car. And how much better it is to do all that here, safely, than out on the roads.

Sheer fun is guaranteed. The track is small, which has its advantages. There are less people, the atmosphere is intimate, driving is more relaxed. The professionals stay at home this time - this event is for the amateurs only. There's nothing to be ashamed of here, nothing is compulsory, and almost nothing is forbidden. We won't disturb or put anyone at risk, we'll only be testing the cars and the track among ourselves. We'll gain some experience and learn a trick or two so we won't be in for a surprise when it starts snowing.

Winter weather coaxes the drifter out of many a generally relaxed driver. Others react to it with fear. They are the reason you can only do about 20 km/h on an otherwise clear road sometimes. This event could prove to be the perfect cure for both behaviours – you can let off stream and test how your car behaves in certain situations. Hey, we may even play a role in increasing public safety.

Neither snow nor ice is expected yet, but if the event is a success we'll certainly return. And this means there's no need to look for darkly lit, derelict parking lots anymore if you want some winter fun. To those with a scientific frame of mind, the formula looks like this: snow + track + handbrake = a grin from ear to ear.

Our staff is on tenterhooks: Pista and Bandi are already preparing the Shitgun, Sipi and his Desert Rat are both ready for action, our colleague lovingly called Your Friendly Car Dealer will bring his BMW, and Karotta will be paying us a visit, too. Everyone is welcome. Entry is free of charge for onlookers, while a daily ticket including track use has the pretty reasonable price of 10,000 forints. Don't forget to bring your sunglasses!

Kakucs is about 35 km from Budapest. It is most easily accessed on the M5 motorway.

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