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  • One for all

    Official Ladas in the Communist era

    10. 05. 2013., 05:54 | Comments: 
    When a foreigner entered the country in the Iron Curtain-years, he was expecting Russian T-72 tanks to roam the streets for keeping order. Not these miserable Ladas… But wait.
  • Screech and bang!

    Story of the BMW 518i

    24. 04. 2013., 07:47 | Comments: 
    My car has been hit. The car that has cost me €5000 so far but which is worth hardly more than €2000. The car that I loved. Let me tell you where it all began...
  • Building the ultimate grip'n'drift Datsun

    Datsun 260 Z (1974)

    17. 04. 2013., 10:57 | Comments: 
    When I bought it, I had no idea what I wanted to do with this car. I just had to have her. In the years gone by, it turned from a hobby car to a wreck with a tree growing through it. And now it’s shaping into a real race car…
  • The Alfa that could bend time

    The very Giulia that was raiding the streets of Budapest in ‘67

    10. 04. 2013., 07:51 | Comments: 
    A European capital in the Eastern Bloc. We’re in the 60’s. Poorly dressed people, gloominess, dilapidated trucks and state-owned Volgas. But the high-tech DOHC engine’s boom of this very car is already reverberating from the walls of the old houses.
  • The man who knows what makes a Smart crap

    How to keep Smarts alive

    03. 04. 2013., 06:02 | Comments: 
    The Smart Wizard operates in isolation. He couldn’t care less about white tiles in his workshop. He is no longer on speaking terms with the chairman of the local Smart club. But in this hopeless uptown location this man has found alternatives to maintenance instructions and exorbitant repair bills.
  • I didn’t find this car. She found me

    Buying a Peugeot 504. In Hungary. In 2012...

    27. 03. 2013., 00:43 | Comments: 
    Go, see, buy - purchasing a car can be that easy. Or you go through hell and come back, just to end up with the very same car you never wanted to have. And buy it.
  • The time-stopping moment

    A leap back to the old days behind the Iron Curtain

    20. 03. 2013., 00:20 | Comments: 
    Come, reader, take a ride with us to the place where travel agencies will not sell you holiday tickets - to the gloomy world behind the Iron Curtain where you could catch a glimpse of sunshine. If you had the imagination and a tarted-up old motor.
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