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BMW + chick: works every time

27/04/2013 13:17 |  Comments: 


Former car restorer, damper designer, rotary-engine guru and also an automotive engineer, but generally doesn’t talk much about his former activities. András is our mag’s Leatherman tool: when there’s a project no-one would poke with a stick, he’s the one usually assigned to carry it through. When he’s in Hungary, he works 16 hours daily, then every once in a while he disappears from the horizon. Last time he’s been seen in Auckland… Has a huge garage, lives with a girlfriend.

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Marking the tenth anniversary of the partnership between BMW and Paris Photo the Bavarians have made a rather unusual photo series evoking the heyday of film noir. The pictures, taken by photographer Uwe Düttmann, were shot in a Hollywood studio and on set.

This year the Paris Photo exhibition will be held in Los Angeles, in the studios of Paramount Pictures, where apart from the featured photographs you can also have a look at one of the most famous BMW Art Cars of all time, the M1 painted by Andy Warhol. Even more interesting than the car itself is the video footage of how the artwork came about: legend has it that Warhol worked so quickly that the decoration of the M1 was almost done by the time the cameraman unpacked and started recording.

If you look carefully, you can spot a BMW 650i Gran Coupé in every picture, although the emphasis is intentionally not on the cars in these photos.

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