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Parking attendant chased by a van

Rage of Russian white van man

07/05/2013 17:15 |  Comments: 
The traffic culture of Russia is particularly off-the-wall. Thanks to the popular on-board cameras, the world is able to enjoy the most extreme traffic situations occurring there from week to week. One such video that has reared its head on Internet shows a situation which is truly exceptional even by Russian standards.

The precedent of the recorded action is unknown, but the uncontrollable rage of the driver of the van probably had a very specific reason. Whatever that was, and however funny the sight of a parking attendant skipping around in front of a van that may weigh three ad a half tons may be, both the chase and the retaliatory throwing of the stone were life-threatening and will probably have their consequences.

Unfortunately the continuation of the affair is equally unknown, but getting hold of the driver obviously won’t be a problem for the authorities after watching the video.


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Such a trip in THAT car?

Most people would never even dream of doing a trip like this. And most people would never dare to drive such a car in traffic. But there are some who do both - and like it.