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Nissan GT-R against the ski slope

Fun in the snow

14/05/2013 12:50 |  Comments: 
Watching videos of extreme car testing is always a pleasure. Swedish Team Icericers recently put a Nissan GT-R to the test on a steep ski slope.

Northern Sweden is full of excellent ski slopes. The skiing resort located in Kåbdalis recently let the driver of a GT-R loose on one of its high-quality red slopes. Unlike the skiers the 545 hp Nissan did not run downhill but climbed up the slope to demonstrate its capacities. The video is an edited work of a professional team rather than a recording of a spontaneous run-up, but that doesn't disparage the GT-R: the car easily conquered the steep slope.

The makers are to release another video soon similarly starring a GT-R in snowy and icy conditions but tuned to put down around 1000 PS.


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