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Russian low-rider stuck
on speed bump

The drawbacks of cheap tuning

17/05/2013 05:58 |  Comments: 
Russia is the inexhaustible treasure house of interesting car videos. After countless recordings of violence and wrecks, the following video shows another side of the eastern country.

From the USA to Japan, the lowering of cars is a popular form of tuning all over the world. The result is generally a matter of taste and budget, but tuners agree that hydraulic or pneumatic suspension is a must. Bearing the daily traffic in mind this step really shouldn't be missed, or the car will be seriously challenged by any hard shoulder or speed bump, like this Lada from Krasnodar.

This Lada tries to escape its fate driving the wrong way down the road if it has to, but when there's no way out, the eastern ingenuity becomes visible. Out come the boards that have been prepared for such incidents from the boot. We're not dealing with beginners here.

The Lada Priora that can be seen in the video is a favourite of Russian tuners. The cheaply and easily pimpable technology brings out the handyman in many, and as a result low-rider variations are quite common over there. Although pneumatic suspension is available for peanuts from China, only a few bother to make the investment. The video showing the boys struggling with the speed bump is just one example of this. The driver in the following bonus video has experienced something very similar, although his adventure took place in the car wash:


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