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Why you shouldn’t park your car next to garbage

A garbage truck eating a car

24/05/2013 05:50 |  Comments: 
A garbage truck manufacturer demonstrated the power of one of its models on an ageing Pontiac Grand Am. The show was a success, the truck crushed the car easily.

New Way, a company based in Scranton, Pennsylvania has put on a show to demonstrate the power and easy operation of its garbage truck named Cobra Magnum to win over future clients and entertain its workers. It might just be convincing enough for the model to go on duty in more American cities soon, or can you imagine a better advertisement for a garbage truck than a video like this? The sales executives of New Way can henceforth start business talks with increased self-confidence knowing that if the Cobra Magnum is capable of eating up a family car, it will certainly manage the most extreme household waste too.


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