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Sports cars worth $3 million
went up in flames on a trailer

Exceptional damage caused in Thailand

01/06/2013 15:03 |  Comments: 
Some of the best European sports cars caught fire on the trailer of a Thai truck. The police are searching for their owners.

The incident occurring near the capital of the South-East Asian country will probably be remembered as the biggest tragedy of the year involving luxury sports cars. The trailer heading to Cambodia from Bangkok was packed with extraordinary drives: a Ferrari F430, a BMW M6, a Lamborghini Murcielago, two Bentleys and a Mercedes. The fire presumably started from the BMW and spread to the cars nearby: the Lamborghini, the Ferrari, and one of the Bentleys.

The damage would be huge even by European standards, but taking into the account that the import tax in Thailand is a massive 200 per cent, the damages are estimated at a whopping 3.3M USD. The claimants are yet unknown, though. According to the local authorities none of the owners of the cars have presented themselves yet, and the only information the driver of the truck has provided was that he was taking the sports cars to the Cambodian border where an unknown recipient was due to collect them.

The strange case is under joint investigation of the police and the customs authorities. Suspecting tax fraud, the authorities don’t expect the owners of the two cars left intact by the fire, the Bentley and the Mercedes to show up for fear of legal accountability.


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