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Spontaneous car wash
on the motorway

Some people took advantage of the free shower

06/06/2013 17:47 |  Comments: 
Weeks of torrential rainfall resulted in a bizarre car wash coming about on a Chinese motorway. The drivers of the cars and trucks didn’t seem to mind the artificial waterfall, the motorcyclists were less impressed.

The spectacle came about in Dongyang, in the province of Zhejiang after weeks of continuous heavy rain took its toll on a drainpipe bridging a busy motorway. The overloaded system led the continuously accumulating excess water onto the road, causing severe complications especially for the drivers of motorbikes and drop-tops.

The situation disrupted the dynamics of the traffic. According to a driver some people were taking advantage of the situation hoping to spare the cost of a professional wash. “I've seen some stop to put car washing shampoo on the bodywork first and then drive through slowly, so it gets rinsed off properly” - he said, praising the ingenuity of the drivers. „And why not, it costs a fortune to get a valeting like this!”


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