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Every car thief’s worst nightmare

The home of someone obsessed with his car

11/06/2013 12:17 |  Comments: 
It’s hard to imagine a more peculiar experience you can have within your own house than having a clear view of your Porsche parked in the garage while taking a shower.

Being a petrolhead can manifest itself in pretty extreme ways, but it takes a real maniac to have his house built around his car – quite literally. The fact that the car in question is a Porsche 911 Turbo (993-series) doesn't make it much less strange.

The architect of this house was probably asked to design the building in a way that makes the car visible from any given room, which he more or less succeeded at by using glass block ceilings and open stairways. The Japanese aesthetic style becomes the 911 dominating the space, bearing all the trademarks of German sports car manufacturing.

The look and the feel are both top notch, but the one thing I guess everyone is curious about is the acoustics. There is a chance that even the bathtub starts to quake when the driver steps on the gas.


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