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Windscreen wiper gone bust? No problem if you have a piece of string

11/06/2013 07:49 |  Comments: 
There’s no need to despair even in the middle of the heaviest rainfall if the windscreen wiper conks out. Save the day with the help of a piece of string and an indefatigable passenger.

The Eastern European ingenuity knows no limits. We've seen plenty of recordings of Russian MacGyvers out there in the streets doing wonders with cars and motorbikes. Now two guys who have probably grown up in Ladas set another example of their unbeatable resourcefulness.

Watching the video you realize that the effectiveness of the windscreen being operated by lugging at the strings is beside the point here. What's really striking is the faith that the driver has in the iffy solution and his passenger operating the system, while overtaking a truck on the motorway.

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