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BMW 2 series test mule crashed

A test drive turned into a crash test

13/06/2013 09:04 |  Comments: 
The prototype was totalled on a German autobahn. Taking spy shots has never been easier than in the traffic jam caused by the accident.

The development team of BMW has been busy lately carrying out the testing of the new series debuting on November 2. An important part of the process is carrying out a series of road tests, one of which was scheduled for last Sunday. A testing engineer took a camouflaged model for a spin on the A72 autobahn from where it was unable to return to the factory on its own.

The test drive turned into a crash test after the engineer, driving at a high speed, lost control over the car and crashed head-on into the guard rail. As the recovery of the totalled vehicle took a long time, the drivers stuck in the traffic jam caused by the accident had plenty of time to take pictures of the crashed test mule from all angles. Not that the Bavarians had much to hide after one of their unmasked red cars had been photographed a month before. The shape revealed then proved a success with BMW fans.


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