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A two-seater Ferrari into
a family car

A child seat? Please.

18/06/2013 11:03 |  Comments: 
The list of family cars that can be bought for the price of a Ferrari 458 Italia Spider is virtually endless. None of those cars would be lacking in luxurious features, and most of them would definitely have more than two seats.

The sudden prosperity of Dubai comes with strange habits. The scene captured in this video might just be the interesting manifestation of the drastic social changes that have taken place over there over two generations, which we, Europeans may not be able to grasp. Our question regarding the scene is of course why on earth would anybody take the wife and three kids anywhere in a Ferrari 458 Italia Spider?

Cramming the family into a two-seater is not only irresponsible, but actually punishable in most countries around the world. In Dubai, where the police are driving Aventadors, Ferrari FFs and other similarly fast sports cars, one can't even count on the power of a 458 Italia to wriggle out of responsibility.

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