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Nobody has ever done this
with a Fiat 500

There’s no better toy than this

20/06/2013 06:33 |  Comments: 
No one has ever unified ball games and stunt driving on a level like these guys, who have really taken the game to the max.

The superbly calculated and executed new stunts of Dude Perfect were carried out driving Fiat 500 Abarths. The target and the backboard became the brisk little things, which even gave a convincing performance as ball-catchers.

The self-proclaimed ambassadors of fun, Dude Perfect is the formation of 5 stunt drivers proving that stunts no one would think possible are indeed feasible, putting a smile on people's faces with the recordings made of their mind-blowing actions. Their main instruments are basketballs and footballs, hitting the moving target in the most incredible situations. Although they have worked with the master of motorcycle stunts, Travis Pastrana in the past, the stunts carried out driving the Fiats were their best so far.

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