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A Nissan GT-R wrecked
by the pushy driver

The blonde driver just kept taking photos

25/06/2013 06:23 |  Comments: 
Not one to be intimidated by the double barrage line, the driver kept overtaking everyone. Then suddenly a Lexus showed up, coming from the opposite direction. The GT-R is totalled, but at least the blonde girl has a few nice pictures.

Yet another recording of a strange accident has surfaced on the internet thanks to the dashcam of a Russian car. The video capturing an impatient driver causing damage was made in Samara, by the banks of the river Volga.

It is hard to imagine what the driver of the Nissan GT-R had in mind while forcing his way in. Surely he wasn't expecting to have the lane for the oncoming traffic cleared, was he? The SUV arriving from the opposite direction, suddenly coming into view had no way of avoiding him. The crash was inevitable, the expensive technology was smashed. Strange that moments after the accident the blonde driver of the Audi was taking photos of the wreck with the calm curiosity of a tourist. It's understandable, though, that she wasn't indifferent to the incident: had the Lexus not been driving in front of her, her car would've been the victim of the Nissan.

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