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A posse of policemen couldn’t
stop this Mini

They watched helplessly as the driver made a fool of them

25/06/2013 19:33 |  Comments: 
The Australian police couldn’t halt the driver of the Cooper S taking the standby for an easy obstacle course.

The scene which could have been taken from any action movie was recorded in Brisbane, while the police were trying to stop an escaping Mini. Why the driver was waited on by such police presence is unknown but he undeniably escaped a winner. He found his way around the police spikes and the Holdens on the pavement, even continuing to use the indicator – although this might just be the result of acting in a hurry.

Even though the video captured an irresponsible driver running amok, the short scene is a worthy tribute to the 1969 movie The Italian Job and its 2003 remake, Italian Job, in which the bandits escape the police by driving Mini Coopers of the time.

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