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The world champion’s different kind of garage sale

27/06/2013 11:04 |  Comments: 
Michael Schumacher is selling two Ferrari Enzos. The cars have been advertised by the Swiss dealership, Garage Zénith, which also has a Bugatti Veyron and a 365 GTB Daytona on offer.

Two of seven-time Formula-1 world champion Michael Schumacher's Enzos have been listed for sale. The more expensive one of the two cars being sold by the retired German racer is one of the rarest top sports cars in the world, a Ferrari FXX, of which only 30 have ever been manufactured. His is the last one ever made of the series as a bonus, which he received as a gift from the team in 2006 after he retired from the Formula-1 for the first time.

The 800 PS FXX is not street-legal, it may only be driven on a racetrack. This might be the reason why the world champion hasn't used it much over the past years: it has covered only 900 kms. The fact that the car used to belong to a world champion may well add to its appeal, though, and its 2009 appearance on Top Gear might be a selling point too. The asking price is CHF2.5 million (€2 million).

Schumacher is somewhat more connected to the other Enzo, as it has covered 9500 kms. With its 660 PS engine the 2003 car is a bit less powerful than the FXX, which is reflected in the asking price of CHF1.375 million (€1.1 million).


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