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Brand new cars have been found
in a long-forgotten Chevrolet dealership

500 cars had been collecting dust in the locked up dealership

02/07/2013 18:04 |  Comments: 
The collectors can’t wait to get their hands on the cars, but the dusty Chevrolets have a long way to go before hitting the streets.

A former Chevrolet dealership in Nebraska had been locked decades ago with 500 cars stranded inside. The dealership has recently been opened up by the employees of an auction house and the incredible treasures will soon be put up for auction.

The cars were found in an interesting condition, especially those 50 brand new ones that have never left the building. Some of them still had the plastic wrappers on their seats and the foxed stickers on their windows, but they were all covered by a thick layer of dust.

The stock is going on auction in September. The collectors will no doubt go mad for the cars, especially for the brand-new ones like the 1956 Cameo pick-up with only 1 mile on the clock, or the 1964 Impala and the 1978 Corvette both with 4 miles on the odometer. Tons of spare parts and advertising posters have also been found beside the cars and pick-ups, as has been a pedal car.

The state of the cars raises some questions, though. Decaying for such a long time some parts tend to grow old and some surfaces inevitably start to get eaten by rust. Most of the vehicles are still worth a fortune as such low-mileage cars of 50 or 60 years of age are impossible to find these days.


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