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A Koenigsegg crashed into the crowd of onlookers

The driver lost control over the CCX

04/07/2013 18:10 |  Comments: 
He was trying to impress the spectators by accelerating really hard from the start, but eventually crashed into the crowd of onlookers. Tragedy was only a few centimetres away.

The opening ceremony of a Polish rally race nearly ended in tragedy. The driver of a Koenigsegg lost control over his car shortly after leaving the start line, drifting irretrievably towards the pavement where dozens of spectators were watching the race. The easy mobile banister wasn't able to physically protect the onlookers, 19 of whom were injured after being swept away by the CCX. The witnesses are positive that the Norwegian driver made a huge mistake by taking a far too big risk for the sake of entertainment.

The Gran Turismo Polonia is a three-day event during which the drivers race on the Tor Poznan track.


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