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Ferraris crashed on track day

The rain got the better of the amateurs

04/07/2013 06:37 |  Comments: 
One of the most difficult race tracks in Europe is not fit for beginners on a rainy day. Three Ferrari drivers learned this the hard way.

The Spa Francorchamps is an important scene in the history of motor sport. In 1998 Damon Hill won the Formula One race here, as did Mika Hakkinen in 2000. The design of the Spa's asphalt stripe is one of the most challenging ones, even for professional drivers. In 1985 a talented German driver, Stefan Bellof died on the infamous curve of the track, the Eau Rouge. It is far too ambitious to organize a race for amateurs here, especially in rainy weather – it just makes no sense, as the pictures clearly testify. All in all three Ferraris got crashed during the day: a 430 Scuderia and two 458s, of which the red one certainly won't be racing again anytime soon.


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