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A Jeep leaving a 1000 PS
Audi behind

Could this be the world’s fastest SUV?

09/07/2013 12:17 |  Comments: 
The sight is hard to take in. This car's shape is not meant for speed racing, but the Jeep still keeps beating sports cars.

The 470 PS Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8 may be a cut above its brand peers but with its weight and air-drag value is hardly destined to be the star of speed races. The SRT-8 featured in the video has therefore been turbocharged to 1350 PS, leaving it with very few worthy rivals in the genre.

The video shows the Russian Jeep defeating a 1000 PS Audi RS6 over a one mile stretch, adding it to its list of shamed rivals including several AMG Mercedeses and an Audi R8. The car is said to have taken part in over 500 speed races in Russia. It has set a quarter-mile time 10.574 seconds and a one-mile time of 26.717, which probably makes it the fastest SUV on the planet at the moment.


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