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Cyclist trolling an Aventador

Fed up with the showy supercars speeding and making noise

13/07/2013 07:33 | Comments: 
The cyclist confidently sprawling in front of the 700 ps and 1.5-ton Aventador is an interesting sight. This, people, is a battle between technology and courage.

The number of sports cars per square metres is particularly high in certain areas of London. Ferraris and Lamborghinis are all over the place, and most pedestrians would probably be less fascinated than irritated by the sight of a passing Bugatti Veyron, as the locals are becoming increasingly averse to the showy drivers of the noisy supercars. This video illustrates the intensifying conflict.

We can only assume that the behaviour the cyclist stems from the problems mentioned above. He must have gotten fed up with the self-righteous behaviour of the speeding millionaires, that's probably why he blocked the dark Aventador conspicuously. Not even the revving V12 could scare him off. It was a short duel between the two extremes of city traffic, and we, of course, do not wish to take a stand. The commenters have not been shy, though, their comments range from “That cyclist is my hero” to “That cyclist is an asshole.”

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