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Jay Leno showing the V12
of his McLaren

Its power and its size are equally impressive

16/07/2013 17:33 |  Comments: 
The engine of a McLaren F1 is a rare sight. Jay Leno has taken it out to show what drives one of his favourite cars.

The McLaren F1 was such a milestone in the history of sports car racing that everything else from the '90s faded in comparison. It's impossible to talk about it without getting carried away, as it was ahead of its time by some 10 years. 106 models have been made all in all, one of which is, unsurprisingly, owned by Jay Leno. We got a chance to drool at the beautiful black specimen the day we were fortunate enough to be his guests, but perhaps not even Jay Leno has seen the 6.1-litre V-12 built by BMW in a state shown in the video.

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