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Spy photos taken by our readers
in the Death Valley

We have received pictures of not one, but two masked coupés driving next to each other

19/07/2013 16:26 |  Comments: 
Death Valley in California is a popular place for testing cars. This is where our readers Zsu and Karola managed to snap the camouflaged test cars. Thank you for sharing!

The masking of the cars was certainly not overdone, even the Cadillac sign was visible on the front of one of them. Of course it would be pointless to seriously try to camouflage these cars when their shape is an instant give-away: anyone familiar with the brand can tell that the cars being tested were two Cadillac ELRs. The ELR was introduced as a concept car in 2009, going by the name of Converj Concept. The series version was due to arrive in 2011-2012, but the date was later postponed to 2014. Anyone expecting a sports car will be disappointed, though: the ELR is a FWD, what's more, a plug-in hybrid. Technologically it is based on the Chevrolet Volt, and in January, the main feature of the cars with alternative power source, the range was revealed too: running only on electricity the coupé can do 56 km, using both power sources the range is 480 km. The capacity of the Lithium-ion batteries is 16.5 kWh, just like in the case of the Volt.

Although it hasn't even been released yet, it was voted one of the five most beautiful cars in last year's Green Car Vision Awards, which is more or less a beauty contest for green cars. As it's easy on the eye, it may become more successful than the Volt, or its twin, the Opel Ampera, the manufacturing of which had to be discontinued due to a lack of interest in spite of having been named car of the year.

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