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Is Vettel’s career taking
a new turn?

20/07/2013 06:47 | Comments: 
For the heat held last weekend the three-time world champion received a new car, which is somewhat different from the ones he had gotten used to.

The driver is optimistic. „The car works very well and there are still many heats ahead for collecting points,” he said, although it's unclear whether he was talking about this race series.

One of the most interesting features of the race entry perfected for the 500 meter track is the back wing, which simply comes off if it isn't needed anymore, but for the sake of weight loss a number of other parts disintegrate during the race too. The other racers are made aware of the car approaching at a high speed by the sound of the unique music air horn.

Should Vettel's Formula 1 career end, the wicked world of speeding bath tubs is certain to welcome the race driver with open arms.

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