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A 12 metre tumble from a bridge in a car

Anywhere you go, you will meet a Hungarian. Just make sure it won't happen this way!

25/07/2013 06:43 | Comments: 
A Hungarian man currently working in the US pushed the car of the American university student off from the bridge. She kept her cool and swam to the shore.

The William Preston Lane Jr. Memorial Bridge spanning the Chesapeake bay is the 9th most frightening bridge in the world, according to It got on their list for a good reason: it is 7 km long, it winds and ascends, and at its highest it runs almost 57 m above the water.

Nagyobb térképre váltás

According to our sources, Gábor L. from Balassagyarmat was driving one of the trucks of the Bulk Carriers Company when he pushed the car of Morgan Lake off from the bridge from behind. The 22 year-old student reacted incredibly well. After the car tumbled into the water she got out and swam to the shore. It's a wonder she  got away with a few bruises. An SUV was also involved in the accident but luckily neither its driver nor Gábor, the truck driver suffered any injuries.

Following the accident the Hungarian waited for the police to arrive at the scene. Whether any charges will be pressed against him hasn't been disclosed yet. We've heard rumours that the North-American transportation companies have a propensity for hiring inexperienced, foreign personnel in order to cut back on wages, but whether it was Gábor's lack of experience that caused the accident is unknown.

Should you plan on crossing the bridge in the future but got cold feet already, relax, there is a safe solution: if you don't feel like taking chances there's a resourceful local entrepreneur you can hire to do the job for you and drive your vehicle to the other end of the bridge for 25 dollars.

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