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Spy photos of a group of BMWs

27/07/2013 06:34 |  Comments: 


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Our reader has spotted a whole fleet of prototypes: the new BMWs of the coming months are tested as a group.

One of our readers, Miklós has snapped a group of BMWs on a test drive in France. Some of them are brand new models to be launched soon.

Knowing how things roll at BMW, the series versions of the masked prototypes are almost certain to show up at the car shows of the coming months, for example at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The swirl patterned wrap may make identification more difficult, but the cars Miklós spotted were most probably an M3 and two BMW 2s. These are expected to be revealed soon.

Judging by the logic of BMWs new numbering system the M3 will only be available as a four-door, as the two-door version is going to go by the name of M4. If the leaked pieces of information are anything to go by, the M3 will be fitted with a 415 ps turbo six-cylinder engine. The only detail clearly identifiable in the spy photos is the tiny spoiler decorating the edge of the trunk, suggesting a style similar to that of the current M5.

The wrapped two-doors seem to be BMW 2s, which we have already seen unmasked, except for the convertible version. The BMW 1 coupé and its canvas top version probably won't arrive at the dealerships before the beginning of next year.

The names given to the types of the new BMWs may give the impression that the number of models is constantly growing, when in fact the previous BMW 1 was available both as coupé and as a convertible. What is starting to show, though, is that the new arrivals are getting increasingly difficult to tell apart, just like in the case of Audis.

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