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Hippies, goa music, and crazy vans

O.Z.O.R.A. festival from 6 to 11 August in Hungary

06/08/2013 07:50 |  Comments: 
Tips on how to create a mobile home from a truck, a van, a school bus, or an ambulance car.

The 10th O.Z.O.R.A. festival starts tomorrow. Ozora is the name of a little town in West-Hungary, home to this psychedelic tribal gathering which we daresay is one of the biggest psychedelic festivals in Europe. More than 15,000 visitors are expected this year in spite of last year's drug raid. It's an international affair with even French, Italian, Russian, German, Israeli and Spanish hippies arriving in their big, homemade, unique vehicles, mobile homes. Of course they bring their kids and dogs along too. I was there last year and took a few pictures of the funny and sometimes inexplicable vans. Enjoy!

UPDATE: The police refused the security permit, so at the moment it's possible that the festival will be cancelled.

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