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The best of the workforce at the Sziget festival

14/08/2013 08:35 |  Comments: 
In connection with the Sziget festival everyone is talking about the performing acts, the gigs, getting pissed, coming together and having unforgettable adventures. But it takes a lot of people and machines to make all of that happen. Here’s our roundup of the vehicles and construction machinery involved.

Generally, vehicles are not allowed in on the area of the festival, expect for police cars, ambulance cars and fire-fighter trucks. A few vans, used mainly for transporting goods or the performers, still make it. The organizers get around on scooters and quads, as they're faster and far more practical, but it can be hard to manoeuvre in the crowd. If you take a closer look at those vehicles you'll see that under the thick layer of dust the paint has started to peel off and some elements are only held in place by duct tape.

The goods are transported to the refreshments stands and restaurants by trucks. The vehicles that the festival-goers hardly ever see tend to do their job before the festival opens and after it closes. Nyegleo and I visited the technological base crammed with road rollers, bobcats and dredgers. We inspected the star of this year‘s fleet, the Wacker Neuson 4001. Its operator, Ernő sang the praises of the tricky machine: it takes up little space, it does a U turn, the plateau itself can do a full turn, and it lifts up to 4000 kg. We were told it had come in handy during the recent flood, too. We saw one car in the machine park, an old Land Cruiser, which is used to tow generators and lighting towers. As you can't really put much in it, it hardly moved during the festival unlike the 1965 ZIL watering truck, which did a round every 2 or 3 hours.

The visitors are always happy to get on the platform of any vehicle, even those transporting mobile loos. The drivers of the watering tank were game and had a blast watering the people, especially the girls during the heat wave. We've seen a few rather interesting machines apart from the scooters, trucks, and construction vehicles, but those were more like works of art driven around the area of the festival as parts of a play.

For the event a few construction vehicles had been transformed for commercial purposes, read, bungee jumping, and something resembling a stork. Latter was a crane lifting up to 6 people lying down on the plate fastened to the jib to enjoy the view. The most creative use of a construction vehicle, however, was dressing up a crane with a platform as a desk lamp.

All in all we've seen many interesting things. Would you have thought it takes so many vehicles to build, operate and then dismantle a festival so you can talk about the performing acts, the gigs, getting pissed, coming together and having unforgettable adventures?

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