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She saw red, then rammed into her husband’s Maserati

A rather costly lovers’ quarrel

25/08/2013 09:03 |  Comments: 
The wife driving a Porsche started chasing her hubby then crashed into the Italian luxury car.

Even the greatest of love stories may end in heated arguments or even throwing plates at each other one day. A well-off Chinese couple went a bit further than that: the raging wife started a car chase.

The woman driving a yellow Porsche Cayenne started chasing her husband's Maserati in the South-Western city of Chongqing, smashing up the rear of the expensive Quattroporte. What the husband had done to deserve this is unknown, but judging by the woman's reaction and the nature of the punishment one might be forgiven for suspecting infidelity.

At least the couple could have settled the argument resulting in significant material damage on the spot: they crashed right in front of a civil affairs bureau.

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