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Did we just find the best chick car in the world?

Or just put together a great review?

29/08/2013 07:00 | Comments: 

Contributing editor

8 years of working for IBM have chiselled Balázs’s English skills to a level inappropriately high for this magazine, but did much to blunt his interest towards office work and computers. Earlier a reader and seldom contributor, also a deeply affected car maniac, he left IBM and joined us for a longer term as a journalist, but he’s back again to making money – at another IT company. Luckily he kept on writing for us and hasn’t dropped his love for photography either.

Even a Maruti 800 should get some tender loving care.

Well, we probably did, but left the car in LA , and this young lady cannot get over it. Nor the fact that we forced her to pose in front of a Prius+ and not the Murano CC. And now we forced her again to get in front of our camera and wash a Maruti 800. Who said only high-end cars get the best treatment? And you opened the article, just see her and not a review.

Like you did with the Prius+. Shame on you. But since we're not here to judge you, but to provide a valuable public service, here are some more pictures in which we've cleverly hidden a Maruti.

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