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Every race driver’s worst nightmare

Face to face with death

01/09/2013 07:46 |  Comments: 
Trapped in the car upside down, helplessly watching the inflammable fuel dripping a few centimetres from his face squeezed into the helmet.

In 1982, millions of viewers sitting in front of their TV were watching in horror as the young Italian race driver, Riccardo Paletti died in the flames inside his wrecked car at the Canadian grand prize of Formula 1. No accident has ended in such tragedy in the major championships since, but fire prevention still leaves a lot to be desired at amateur races. The one-minute of horror recorded at the Mahoning Valley Speedway in Leigh, Pennsylvania illustrates just why it is such an important issue and also why death by fire is every race driver‘s biggest fear.

Michael Stofflet, the driver involved in the accident did not only survive the shocking incident without any injuries, but even took part in another heat the same day and came fifth driving the car which had been repaired in just half an hour.

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