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Lamborghini of broken dreams

Clad in unwinning lottery tickets

15/09/2013 08:23 | Comments: 
Haven't hit the jackpot again? You can still get that car. Be creative.

Hungary is in a bit of a lottery fever at the moment. The jackpot hasn't been hit for weeks which means the prize is gradually getting bigger, reaching a whopping 2.9 billion Ft (cca $12.7 million) by next week-end. Eventually, some lucky bastard will crack it. Everyone else will just be left with unwinning tickets. Altogether, that's a hell of a lot of tickets to end up in the bin. Especially as they could be put to good use by contributing to the creation of something to symbolize the irony of it all.

Artists Lauren Was and Adam Eckstrom from Wassaic, New York have come up with a way of turning discarded lottery tickets into tongue-in-cheek pieces of art. In a series of projects named 'Ghost of a dream' they create ironic symbols of the most common payout dreams of pools-punters, like buying a house or going on that well-deserved vacation. Their latest effort gives a whole new meaning to the phrase 'dream car': the pair have covered a Lamborghini Countach entirely by unwinning lottery tickets.

Don't fret, they didn't harm a real Lamborghini. They made a model of the real thing of ply wood and cardbox using the supercar's original specs and dimensions and then covered it by discarded lottery tickets gathered from around the world.

The cards weren't just slapped on randomly, of course. They had been categorized by type, size, colour, and also by how much of the playing was scratched off, then pasted on the model to create precisely designed patterns.

The project has previously included covering a lavish dining room, a fantasy island, a boat, and also a Hummer H2 with discarded tickets.


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