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The latest BMW 4 spotted

Our reader’s spy photos

24/09/2013 11:41 | Comments: 


Former car restorer, damper designer, rotary-engine guru and also an automotive engineer, but generally doesn’t talk much about his former activities. András is our mag’s Leatherman tool: when there’s a project no-one would poke with a stick, he’s the one usually assigned to carry it through. When he’s in Hungary, he works 16 hours daily, then every once in a while he disappears from the horizon. Last time he’s been seen in Auckland… Has a huge garage, lives with a girlfriend.

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Zoltán literally chased a barely masked prototype of the series 4 BMW convertible near Nürnberg to be able to take pictures of it from all angles.

There haven’t been many secrets left since the introduction of the series 4 coupe as the two models are almost identical. The spy photos capture many of their shared features, such as the vents on the front fender and the shape of the front resembling the beak of a falcon. It looks like the convertible’s steeply sloping roof line and the flat lid of the boot are the only striking differences between the two.

The series 4 convertible is expected to be launched sometime during the next months, available with two types of engines: the 428i will be fitted with a 240 HP turbo four-cylinder, while the 435i will come with a 300 HP, turbo in-line six, already introduced in other BMWs. The convertible is expected to be a bit more expensive than the coupe that comes at nearly 40,000 Euros.

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