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The third Hungarian Transporter meeting

25/09/2013 09:43 | Comments: 
A vintage camper van, a luxurious conference bus and a three-axle trailer next to each other - it could only happen at a Transporter fest.

The first Hungarian Transporter meeting was organized four years ago to celebrate the 60th birthday of the Volkswagen Typ 2. More than 360 Transporters turned up at the event, which was in part an exhibition, proving that there is demand for such a fest.

The second Transporter meeting held two years later was of a different kind: the enthusiastic Volkswagen bus owners gathered in the camping near Budapest. By the afternoon the stewing pots got out, then did the bottles of alcohol, and the story-telling, the sharing of experiences and the discussion lasted well into the night. The venue was a hit, so it was only logical to do it again at the same place this year.

In spite of the cold and the rain hundreds of Transporter owners driving buses ranging from the T1 to the T5 showed up at the third Transporter meeting, the memories of which I particularly cherish as this was the first time I went by my own bus.

The organizers did a great job preparing all sorts of activities from raffle to karaoke, even organizing an awards ceremony honouring the best buses present. The atmosphere was good and intimate, let's hope the weather will be better next time and we'll be tempted to stay overnight.

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