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Hit by a train. Twice

It’s a miracle that the American woman is still alive

17/10/2013 07:01 |  Comments: 
The driver was trying to get rid of the police chasing her driving across the level crossing when she was obstructed. First by a train, then by another one, and finally, by the police.

The day she was hit by two trains must have been both the luckiest and the unluckiest day in the life of the 29 year-old woman. Chased by the police she wanted to make her escape by driving across a level crossing when she was hit by the first train. The police soon caught up with her, but even they didn’t expect what came next: another train. The police officer narrowly managed to jump out of its way, but the Mercedes was hit again. It’s hard to believe the woman only broke an arm. She’ll have plenty of time to recover in prison.

In such a situation it’s advisable to have a well-planned escape route at hand. If possible, it should be one that avoids any level crossings and rails. Should there be no time for making plans the railway should still be crossed with great care. Trains have a nasty habit of hurting you should you get in their way, and causing an accident while you’re on the run will only make matters worse anyway.

This video shows that being hit by a train is a nuisance, even if the train approaches at a speed of 20 km/h. Not much is left of the Corsa. The braking distance of such a huge train is a few hundred metres and it’s usually too late to stop the thing by the time the driver notices the obstacle. The victims of such accidents rarely get away with such minor injuries that this woman suffered.

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