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Anyone can become Ken Block

A low-budget gymkhana experience

28/10/2013 10:35 |  Comments: 
Not even the gymkhana videos that millions of people watch in awe are safe from mockery.

In the world of motorsport, Ken Block is considered a somewhat controversial person. Most people agree that he doesn't stand a chance against the professionals in the rally world championship, his spectacular gymkhana videos are nevertheless loved by millions the world over. Having had the chance to meet him during his visit to Budapest we can assure you that he's a really nice guy, too, easy-going and relaxed, a true pro who doesn't get frightened by a rugged Sierra estate.

Parodies of his videos are all over the internet, and the latest Ken Block impression actually turned out to be a particularly good one. It has all the signature elements that make gymkhana really eye-catching: incredible manoeuvres, tight turns, a ladder, and yes, even a gorilla. The brutal power of the Ford Fiesta has been replaced by a Crazy Cart this time with a certain Ken Box behind the wheel.

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