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The poor man’s Ferrari

THIS is superleggera

03/11/2013 09:57 | Comments: 
It will turn everyone’s heads but no one will be jealous of your Ferrari. And even women will like this car.

There’s trouble ahead if you plan on copying Ferraris. The Spanish Police have recently raided a workshop specializing in producing copies, and this was not the first   case.

One Frenchman who has made the Testarossa of his dreams needn’t worry about being fined, though, even though the DIY replica is actually suited for traffic. Artist Benedetto Bufalino has created a Ferrari shell out of cardboard to fit right onto his own Aixam City moped. All he has to do is pull the cover onto the body of his urban car whenever he feels like driving his dream Ferrari.

Bufalino has paid attention to the details, too. The Ferrari red paintjob was a must, as was the logo of the prancing horse. He simply covered the twin exhaust pipes by foil and cut out the place of the front windscreen and the side windows form the cardbox cover. Although the car causes a minor commotion worming in traffic, the driver needn’t worry about collisions: a pair of scissors and some duct tape is all he needs to repair any damages to the cardbox body. It’s only real enemy is water.

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