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Wrecks in the city – the romance of ’70s New York

The Rotten Apple

09/11/2013 10:11 | Comments: 
A reminiscence of ‘70s New York: abandoned cars, rust and decay.

The New York of the ’70s had a very different vibe than today. Times Square was full of cheap prostitutes, crusties and homeless people, while Brooklyn and Bronx were both in a state on par with that of the outskirts of present day Sofia. Before the fancy apartment blocks were erected people were living ramshackle buildings surrounded by piles of bricks. Car wrecks had been left all over Jamaica Bay and the Jersey industrial works, but a forgotten car, like this Camaro decaying on a derelict overpass, was no rare sight in the inner city, either:

Those who have lived it through have mixed emotions looking back on the era when a rusty wreck remained a permanent part of the street scene for decades. The city is far more sterile these days. Along with the strange romance of the ’70s gone are the gutted cars from the streets.

Everything changed in the ’80s. Following the revival of Wall Street, New York become a world economy leader and along came the financiers, the investors and the property developers. The final nail in the coffin of run-down New York was the emergence of Rudy Giuliani: as US Attorney General, the son of an ex-convict cracked down on the mafia organizations in the ’80s, then significantly improved public safety and did away with the ruins reminiscent of the state of the Balkan in the ‘90s as Mayor of New York City.

For further wrecks and ruins please click on any picture to see the full gallery.

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