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M235i Racing: too tough for the street

A BMW for special occasions

12/12/2013 07:35 | Comments: 


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Meeting the demand for a car which is similar to the M6, but offers a lot more than what you’re allowed to enjoy on the streets.

The most exciting BMW of the past years, according to many, was the M1 Coupé. I wrote ‘was’, as it has been sold out. Its successor could just be the M version of the BMW 2, which we haven’t heard anything about yet. The M235i Racing, however, is certain to arrive next year.

BMW has launched limited edition race cars before, but if the price is anything to go by, the M235i Racing is bound to become incredibly popular. Launched next year it will cost about 60,000 euros, which may seem to be a lot for such a BMW, but this is a car that only needs filling up and is ready to hit the race track.

To please hard-line BMW fans, the road version of the M235i has been accessorized with an FIA homologated rollcage, a race tank, and of course limited slip differential. For the sake of safety the electronic traction control have been kept, but judging by what we see in the video, those can be eliminated completely. The output of the 3-litre, turbo in-line six has been upgraded by a few PS, but there are obviously reserves left in the turbo charged engine. Apart from the body kit, we can also spot a few eye-catching visual elements on the masked test car.

While it will be the toughest little BMW, the launch of the M235i Racing can also be seen as a warning sign that such killer cars should rather be taken to a race track instead of being unleashed on public roads. Although BMW is happy to meet the demand for a car similar to the M6, offering a lot more than can be enjoyed on the streets legally, the company has clearly taken notice of the needs of regular track day visitors.

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