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Lada attack!

Five new models

14/12/2013 10:32 |  Comments: 


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Rumours that give reason for optimism have been circulating ever since Nissan took control over the AvtoVAZ. According to their latest press release the company plans to launch five new models by 2017.

Their small sedan, the Priora will be the first to be replaced in 2015 by something going under the pseudonym 2180, which would also be manufactured as a hatchback model. A year later a small crossover, a lifted body version built on the same foundations would be launched of the same model. A category up, the top model of Lada, mostly drawn upon the X-Ray concept would be fit in among the compact SUVs. Finally, the Niva, which has been in production since 1977, will be retired in 2017.

As of yet it is unknown whether all models will be the company’s own. It is possible that a few Dacia clones along the lines of Largus will slip in, but we can be sure that every car will be based on Dacia or Renault models. All of the aforementioned cars can be produced of an existing model, keeping the cost of the renewal process low, helping the group to keep its position on the increasingly important Russian market.

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