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Mercs in flames on the Hungarian motorway

The CLAs on a trailer caught fire one after the other

21/12/2013 11:58 | Comments: 
Six brand new Mercedes have been destroyed by a fire on a Hungarian motorway. The trailer packed with CLAs was heading to Italy from the factory in Kecskemét when the cargo caught fire.

The trailer with eight CLAs on board drove out of the factory in Kecskemét, which has been producing CLAs since January, and barely reached the motorway when the brake got stuck on its right rear wheel and the tire caught fire. The driver was notified by a fellow driver, then they both stopped their cars to try to get the flames under control with three fire extinguishers. The fire was spreading fast, though, and by the time the police arrived there was little left to be saved. Two of the eight cars and the truck itself made it, but six CLAs were destroyed by the fire completely.

The extent of the damage is yet unknown. Even if the burnt-out CLAs were of the lowest specification, the damage is estimated to be around 140-150 thousand euros.

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How'bout putting a Weiand blower on a Jag in a car park?

The Jag was on sale, they had two free days, a leftover blower and a drag race track was within driving distance. You'd have had the exact same idea too, am I right?