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You ain’t seen nothing like this before!

Pimp your ride level 100

28/12/2013 12:03 | Comments: 
This is what happens when good taste meets talent and diligence.

First, excuse me for the low quality of the pictures, but I was unprepared. I only had my phone on me, its lens was dirty, and I forgot to clean it in the heat of things. I was at my friend Shark’s place, a fellow car dealer and expert at haggling. Seriously, the sellers in the souk of Istanbul would scram crying if they saw him coming. There we were, chatting by the cars when he said, ‘Let me show you something. You’ve never seen anything like it before.’

OK, a shabby Cordoba. I’ve seen ones like that before: go-faster stripes sprayed on with matte black spray paint, the wheel arch painted black to hide the rust. Nothing special about it so far. ’Now open it!’, my friend said. I did, and my jaw dropped. I was in shock, like a kid in a toy store, having a hard time deciding what to look at first. My brain was trying to catch up with my eyes, taking in the sight.

The artist had been all out for harmony, that much was clear: red seat cover, red loudspeaker covers, the plastic console around the heater controls painted red as well. I found no explanation for the fabric covering the transmission tunnel, though. The creator must have found it lying around in a nook of a shed, or had skinned a piece of furniture to be thrown away. Whatever. We were in the prestigious position to enjoy the triumph of the creative human mind.

The plastic of the middle console was covered by two square metres of fabric, attached pleated. The master could’ve used his scissors, but then some of this amazing fabric would’ve gone to waste, you see. I couldn’t take any decent photos of the finishing on the seat, but believe me, it was precise. Our fella got himself an upholsterer’s stapler and stapled the fabric onto the plastic, simply folding the overhang underneath it. To increase the level of comfort, he fastened a sponge onto a piece of chipboard, then fastened the ultimate arm rest onto the upholstery of the door on the left-hand side by two chipboard screws.

Not one to do things in a slipshod manner, once he was holding a pile of chipboard screws in his hand, he quickly solved the fastening of the plastic panel around the climate control switch, too. It had to be done this way, the fabric folded under the panel did not allow for any other solution.

The vents of the heating cannot be adjusted anymore, as they play an important part in holding the installation in place. Back in Spain who would’ve thought that the airbag control light was multifunctional!

To have something to feast your eyes on, the wheel has been tastefully tuned, too.

Once the inside of the car had been pimped to perfection, the creator set his sights on the outside. Up went the go-fast stripes mentioned earlier, and a high-quality new cover for the mirror.

The grille was ornamented by a cast snake, the cheapest décor item available at Chinese markets. When that appears in the rear view mirror, you know it isn’t just anybody who has arrived.

Feast your eyes on the pictures of the gallery. Should you feel inspired by the revolutionary way of using the floorcloth, don’t hold back. But please, please share the end result with us! 

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