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A Hungarian surgeon to help Schumacher?

Dr. Csókay has suggested the application of his technique

03/01/2014 09:22 | Comments: 
The application of vascular tunnels could help the racing driver, according to the Hungarian neurosurgeon.

The news broke on Thursday that Dr. András Csókay has contacted the doctors of Michael Schumacher offering medical assistance. The internationally acclaimed surgeon has suggested the application of his own surgical technique, which could increase the chances of recovery of the sportsman who suffered a skiing accident on Sunday and has been kept in a coma ever since.

The method developed in the late ’90s is used for the treatment of severe brain edema of traumatic origin. By creating a vascular tunnel around the main cortical veins and the arteries of the herniated brain, the technique not only reduces the ICP but also helps to avoid further vascular laesion as it assures the circulation and veinous drainage of the herniated part by preventing the blockage of the veins and arteries. The herniated part of the skull can either be readjusted later or replaced by plastic surgical methods. The surgeon suggested using this technique in case Schumacher’s condition gets critical.

Two of the eight doctors in the team have already responded to the proposition, but the responses have not been made public yet.

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