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50,000 bucks for a fake Rolls?

It sure is unique

06/01/2014 11:42 | Comments: 
You won’t find a more hideous Rolls than this.

‘The most hideous Rolls-Royce in the world’ and ‘The tackiest Lincoln ever’ – both titles could go to the same car currently for sale at The freak decorated with sapphires and crystals is worth 49,9000 $, about 36,500 Euros, or so the owner thinks, who’s even named it The Pharaoh.

Hidden beneath what looks like a Rolls-Royce is actually a Lincoln Town Car. The artist clearly aspired to recreate the characteristic shapes of the British luxury brand and in fact did a pretty job in the areas where he was trying to copy the Rolls. The wheel arch of the Lincoln peeping out is a huge give-away, though, and makes the composition somewhat disharmonious.

As always, the details have it. The logo studded with Swarovski crystals is a particularly entertaining feature, as is the finish of the Spirit of Extasy statuette, but neither can compete with climax of the ad itself written by the seller from Saint Louis: You fly in, I meet you at airport, we test drive, I treat you to lunch, we go to my bank or yours and complete the sale .”  

I don’t know if the owner of the Rolls is aware of this, but he has a soul mate across the pond: Ueli Anlicker. Although the two may not have the exact same financial background, they certainly share the same fetish. Anlicker is the maniac from Switzerland who’s been pimping his McLaren SLR for years, having incorporated gold and gems worth many millions of dollars in the design already. Unfortunately, nobody seems to share his taste, as the car remains unsold. 

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