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Should you fear a Ford diesel?

13/01/2014 08:45 | Comments: 
I would like to replace my Focus 1.6 petrol with a diesel C-Max.

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Dear Friendly Car Dealer,

we have a new member in our family, which means we’re now 4 all in all. Our beloved 5-door, 1.6 litre petrol Focus is simply too small. My wife loves estates and I wanted a spacious car, too, so we decided to buy a C-MAX.

We’d like a post-facelift (2007+) car at a maximum price of 7000 Euro. I’ve had a look around but there are so few petrol C-MAXes for sale that I’m beginning to think I’ll have to settle for a diesel. I’ve heard stories of TDCI diesels, though. Some say buying one is fine as long as I put some money aside for service, while others tell me it will only give me a never-ending headache. The change of the DPF will cost a fortune, but some swear their filter works after a decent cleaning or, god forbid, deleted - which I definitely don’t want to do, I’ll rather get a weaker car without a DPF then.

I have to add I do about 15-20 thousand km a year, but do lots of short school runs, which probably hints at diesel (theoretically, it doesn't run too rich when cold, like the petrol version, so it wears less).

What do you suggest? Another brand maybe?



Dear Reader,

the short school runs do a car no good. Especially if it’s a diesel. It wouldn’t even warm up by the time you get to the building, and you’d stop the engine there again. Kid out, start the car with a lukewarm engine, then drive home or to work. It would probably warm up by then, but you’d just stop it again. Later you’d go shopping, run errands, then pick up the kids from school – the engine keeps cooling down after those short rides. A petrol one is more up for this kind of challenge as it warms up faster. You’d be doing fewer runs with a cold engine, so there would be less wear, too. There’s nothing wrong with the C-Max, it’s a great car. If that’s what you’ve set your mind on, it’s worth waiting till a decent petrol one comes along.


Friendly Car Dealer

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