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Two cars for a BMW?

Swift and 307 for a 320D?

18/01/2014 09:54 |  Comments: 
My son wants to sell our Suzuki Swift and Peugeot 307 and buy a BMW 320d.

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Dear Friendly Car Dealer,

I live with my son. As I work near our home, and he works far away and at other times than I do, we don’t need two cars anymore. My son has a Suzuki Swift that has done 60 thousand km, I have a 307 from 2004 that’s done 91 thousand. Both are in good condition, neither has had any major problems so far. I think we should sell the Peugeot and keep the Swift, but my son wants to sell both and buy a BMW 320d that’s done 170 thousand km instead from someone he knows. What we could get for our two cars would no doubt cover the price of the BMW, a couple of hundred thousand forints would make no difference. My son says it would cheaper to run the one BMW than our two cars, as it would consume less, and believes that if it’s been kept in good condition it won’t have any issues before hitting the 400,000 km mark. He’d even cover the insurance costs. The car is nice indeed, but I don’t know if we should go for it. Do you agree that service costs and the cost of the tires won’t surpass the amount of money we’ve been paying so far?



Dear Jenő,

young men often reach the point when they get infatuated with a BMW and want it, no matter what. It sounds like your son has just gotten there. The 320 D is a very good car, and if it has really only done 170,000 km, it could run smoothly for a long, long time, but here are two things to consider. One is the crankcase ventilation filter which needs attention and regular replacement otherwise the faulty filter may ruin the turbo. And there are the swirl flaps in the air intake. Once they fail and disintegrate, these little flaps can cause major damage.  You can read more on this issue here. Their consumption is fine and their running cost won’t be as high as many believe. The tires won’t break the bank, either, unless you buy 18” wheels. To decide whether they fit your budget, I recommend browsing the webshops for parts. It’s also worth taking a look at the numerous BMW forums, the members know their game.


Friendly Car Dealer

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